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Step 6 Present Moment week 1

Monday with Terry

No matter what area of your life you want to change, every decision you make in order to change anything in your life occurs in the present moment. Of course, you may have created a plan, a path to follow yet the decision to move forward, to take the steps on the path occurs in the present moment. You can achieve or negate your desire to change by how you choose to think, speak or feel at any given moment. Your decision in the present moment must be aligned with your commitment you've made to yourself.


Wednesdays with Kelly

Where do you live your life? In the past, future, or present? Living is the past is long or fretting over something that happened, something you can not change or bring back. Living in the future is dreaming or fretting over something that may never happen. The present is the here and now, your current reality. Will you accept it and live it to it’s fullest? It is a choice we all make daily. What will your choice be today? Share below what you are excited about today and how you will embrace your life more fully.

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