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   Terry A. Sayre

Your coach - 4 - Change


"Change Happens"

The 4C's of Leadership: Communication. Collaboration, Creativity.Critical Thinking

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Born in Modesto California in 1945 to Warren and Ruth, Terry lived a normal life with her one sister who is 2 years younger. Normal in the sense that everyone made choices influenced by fear. She learned to do the same. After her husband of 25 years committed suicide, she sought to know herself and make choices based on freedom for herself and her children.  When her 4th daughter, of 5 children, introduced her to Fearless Living she became aware and willing to make changes that led to a more clear understanding of what freedom was and what role fear played in her journey. Now together they support others to find freedom for themselves.

Mother and Daughter

" I use to drive her crazy, but now with our tools of fearlessness, we have bonded beyond my thoughts of what could happen. Not to say that I don't drive her crazy anymore because I do. But we both can handle it better."

Kelly Fox

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Born in Tulare California in 1978 to Richard and Terry, Kelly grew up as the youngest sister of 8 with 1 little brother. Fear played a big role in Kelly's life. She was always searching for answers. She dealt with depression most of her life and she wanted something more. A life without fear telling her she was stupid, ugly, and fat; not able to do anything. She found the way to get more from her life with Rhonda Britten and the Fearless Living Insitute. She learned how to love herself and trust herself. She learned how to live and not just survive. She was able to change her life and by so doing, her families as well. She told everyone she could about Fearless Living and started studying to become a Certified Fearless Living coach. Her mother listened and became a coach too. Together they support others to find their truth and live in freedom.

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