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Step 5 Accountable: All the steps of Freedom created by Rhonda Britten are tied together. 

Awareness is a prerequisite to Willingness and willingness is tied to connection. Without willingness, we won't connect to ourselves, our dreams, our goals, or to one another. Connection affect compassion, it is essential if we are to going to be accountable, Without compassion, we won't be accountable we will just beat ourselves up.

"In order to fulfill your purpose in life and feel a sense of satisfaction you need accountability to move you from wishful thinking to manifesting a new reality." Rhonda Britten

Personal accountability is being accountable to YOU! It is not about fulfilling someone else's expectations for you, not keeping promises that aren't yours to keep, It is being accountable to your dreams, your desires, your needs, and your truth, When you are accountable to your thoughts, words, and actions, saying yes to you, self-discipline brings self-confidence and personal power,


Our tool this month to support you with being accountable to yourself is The Life Log. We have included a copy of that in the newsletter. This is a way for you to account for how you use your time and what you are focusing on or avoiding. It is in 1/2 hour increments yet you can arrange it, however, best suits you. You can just focus on one area of your life or keep a complete record of all you do.

You can also record your feelings in intervals as well to check on the impact of your choices on how you use your time. I have used it to see how many risks I am taking, am I stepping out of my comfort zone? Use it to empower you, to raise your awareness, and to connect to your goals and dreams. Remember as you use any tool of Fearless Living to practice, Compassion, Honesty, and Personal Responsibility, for and to yourself!

*Information is taken from the Pathway of Change Workshop

created by Rhonda Britten and her best-selling book Fearless Living. As well as our numerous years of coaching and learning.


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