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It's time for you to become a confident, fully aligned, risk-taker!

Are you wanting to live a fuller life? One full of love, adventure, being more authentic to yourself, and going after your dreams with confidence?

In this group program, Terry and Kelly take you step by step to this kind of life. They lead you to fulfill your needs, desires and create the life you WANT to be living.

You will have guidance, ongoing support, and connection galore with your coaches and the other participants in your class. They say this is one of their favorite features of the program.

In fact, hear what they're saying about their experience with Stepping Towards Freedom.

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I was able to set an intention that served where I am seeking the most growth in my life, and by keeping that focus front and center, all of the work in Stepping Towards Freedom has allowed me to look inside, practice new things, and take chances that I wouldn't have taken on my own. There has been a lot of growth and healing for me, and I look forward to more

If you are considering joining this program, Don't think, just do--don't talk yourself out of this opportunity. You get out of it what you put in, and the rewards (and freedom!) are priceless.

Stephanie Lueras

Why would want to join us?

  • A complete understanding of the 12 Steps to Freedom, created by Rhonda Britten.

  • A way to move through your life fearlessly with more ease and grace.

  • You will move closer to your goal of who you want to be and what you want to accomplish. 

  • You will have a like-minded community around you, actively taking steps forward with you, to better their lives.

  • You will have ongoing support from two Advanced Certified Fearless Living coaches, providing encouragement and massive value as they support you on your path to freedom.

  • You will receive group coaching, as well as individual coaching(in levels 2 and 3). There will be guidance from Guest Coaches handpicked to add to your experience. 

  • You will be provided with materials you will continue to learn from long after you graduate from the program.

  • You will also receive weekly access to the Fearless Generations podcast every Monday night, and Terry Talks which air every weekday on Facebook, or they can come right to your email inbox.

  • In Level 3 you will also receive a complimentary invitation to The 4 Fearless Life workshops as long as you are in the program. 

  • And, you will receive a certificate of completion from the program that you can frame with pride and a charm that you can use in different ways to remind yourself of your accomplishments and all you learned during the program.

IMG_20211126_103111 - Sarah Valerio.jpg

Since starting this class I have gained so much insight into myself and my daily life. My relationships including the one with myself have flourished and I am now in a place where I feel more equipped to handle all the stuff life throws at me. Every class I gain something new or a new insight that just leaves me wanting more and I love the application to daily life in between classes. The coaches are available if needed outside of class. I feel like I'm an upgraded version of myself especially as a mom, wife, and just a woman.

Sarah Valerio

IMG_8450 - Rebecca Plautz_edited.jpg

Since joining STF I have got the opportunity to build a deeper understanding of WHO I AM & how I can continue to grow into who my soul intends. When I show up to receive the tools, stories, & support from not only Kelly & Terry as the leaders but also the community & safe space these ladies hold --- growth happens from the inside & radiates outward to my world.

Jump in & be open to sharing in the live classes & for the google classroom. You will see & feel your personal journey expand every step of the way!

Becky Plautz


I have done a lot of personal growth, therapy, and work for a number of years as I love to learn, grow and keep striving to be a better person daily.  After meeting both Kelly and Terry in a networking group, I decided to try out their program.  I enrolled in their year-long program. 


At first, I won’t lie, it was frustrating as the changes and progress seemed so much slower than what I wanted.  By the 2nd month and lesson, I began to really see how the homework (used as practice in my daily life) and having a different partner monthly to go over the homework with, gave me a really different perspective, and more great ideas on how to use this new tool!  The extra shared reading offered on our private FB group was also very helpful in really understanding the topic from so many different examples! 


The changes each month, and the work- took effort.  But, anything in life worthwhile is going to take effort.  I started to see that each lesson built a new muscle so I was strong enough and had enough information to learn the next one and it became exciting the more I practiced each lesson!  The 12-month program is such a valuable way to overcome fear, learn about myself, and understand why I behave in a certain way when scared!  I highly recommend this program to anyone who just wants to find an understanding of how to feel the fear, understand its purpose for you and do it anyway with joy and purpose!

Life's too short!  Be Fearless!

Mimi Warfel

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If you are saying,
"I want it all!"
Then click here.

It’s great to get these tips and reminders from Coaches Kelly and Terry, both very warm, open, and wise Fearless Living coaches. And doing the exercises and taking the journey with like-minded women provides support that is both energizing and comforting.

If you’re looking for something to help you develop and ingrain new and good habits for a more joyful and aligned life, this course is for you! It’s a safe and fun space to share, learn and grow.

Em Guevara


The 12 Steps to Freedom

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This is how the classes run.

We meet every first and third Friday from 9 to 10:30 am PT.

There are two classes a month, both two hours long. We address the Step of the month and review the homework from the class before. You will have a partner each month, who will switch every month, allowing you to really get to know everyone in your class.

The first 2-hour session includes a group approach. You'll be supported by Terry and Kelly, as well as your fellow participants, to define each step while doing exercises and group work. In between classes, you'll have individual and partner work, which will further enhance your experience.

The second 2-hour session of the month will include accountability for how you worked your plan of action and practiced the Step. We will also have a Guest Coach come to expand your understanding of the monthly concepts and present the monthly tool. They will give you more ways to implement this work in your daily practice. This process, each month will move you closer and closer to a life centered in freedom. 

The group sessions will include a new tool each month. This skill will implement the step into your daily life. You will have the month to work on yourself and get the information into your bones, as Rhonda Britten says. The one-on-one coaching session available in Level 2 and 3, will cement it even further on an individual level as you journey through the 12 Steps.

This monthly session is with Terry or Kelly, your choice.

If you are still unsure
listen to Stephanie share
her journey to finding
herself and regaining
her center.

You can have this too!

You are excited and ready to move toward freedom and know that the 12 Steps will get you there. You have confidence in Fearless Generations to support you along your path and give you all you need to succeed. This level includes all of the live classes on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month and becoming a member of the Facebook group community, Stepping Towards Freedom. A one-on-one coaching session may be purchased at an additional price.


monthly $250

This plan is for the person who is wanting more. Level 2 includes all of what is offered in level 1, in addition too you will receive an hour session every month with either Terry or Kelly. You can choose and you are allowed to change it up. This level gives you the best of both group and one on one coaching.


monthly $292

This plan is for the person who is all in and knows what they want and is prepared to do the work to get what they want. You are excited and ready to move toward freedom and know that the 12 Steps will get you there. With this plan, you'll receive all that is in levels 1 and 2, as well as receiving all of the Fearless Life workshops. They cycle these workshops during the year.


monthly $333

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