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Step 5 Accountable - Week 4

Monday with Terry


Accountable is not about keeping promises that aren't ours or feeling we have to fulfill someone else's expectations of us. I think we have established that accountability is truly all about being accountable to ourselves. Knowing ourselves, our dreams, our desires, our needs, and our truth. When we are accountable to ourselves, know who we are and what we want our confidence and self-acceptance nurture our compassion and love for ourselves. Once we can love ourselves and recognize our value, our divine nature, we can then authentically love others. For me, that is my passion to love others and help them to love themselves in order to be accountable and live their passions.


Wednesday with Kelly


What is something you can do to support yourself with being accountable to yourself?

With me, I know I am much more likely to work out if I am doing it with someone else. I support myself by asking for someone to workout with me. Then we are supporting each other. If I want to get something done, I write it down. If I need to be somewhere, I put it in my calendar and set reminders. These are proactive behaviors to keep me accountable. What do you do?


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