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Step 4 Compassion - Week 4

Monday with Terry


“When you practice compassion, you will begin to see your humanity not as a weakness but as an asset.” Rhonda Britten

Our humanity includes our imperfections and area for improvement in our so-called weaknesses. Why embrace our humanity? Through the eyes of compassion, we will know we are enough, expand our minds a and open our hearts. As a recovering perfectionist, once I was able to embrace my humanity and see myself as a work in progress I was able to recognize the lessons in my poor decisions and learn from my mistakes. Mistakes are opportunities to practice growing and learning there are different ways to react and move forward. Seeing our humanity and being willing to be vulnerable is showing compassion.


Wednesday with Kelly


Compassion. What have you learned about yourself this month? Have you started any new practices to support you with showing more compassion? I know that I show myself compassion it helps the days to go better. I find more joy in my day and beat myself up less. I enjoy more of the little things and can have an attitude of gratitude more easily. What have you found while you have been practicing compassion? Please share below with us.


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