Our guest coaches!

Our support coaches are not only excellent coaches you can go to for further support, but they are also our friends. We whole-heartedly recommend them to you for extra support.


“I believe we all have an inner athlete yearning to be embraced. When we consistently nourish and nurture our inner athlete, we support ourselves in embracing life to our fullest potential and our world to infinite possibilities.”

Janet is a Certified Fearless Living Coach (CFLC), a Level 2 American Swim Coaches Association Certified Coach, a Level 1 USA Triathlon Certified Coach, and a graduate of Strong, Stretched & Centered Institute - a personal fitness instructor program. Her education and experiences with FLI has supported her in embracing and expanding her calling as a coach. She has been a swim and fitness coach for over two decades working with children and adults of all ages to nourish and nurture their inner athlete.

The relationship between athletes and their coach goes far beyond the physical development of the athlete, and it is the combination of these two arenas working together that captures Janet’s heart and soul of her coach practice.


Contact Janet at Janet@couragetrek.com

Live Your Greatness Now!


Trish March is a coach and a holistic healer. 


Trish works with the Fearless Living Institute, as a Certified Fearless Living Coach and an Advanced Certified Fearless Trainer.  She is a Tera Mai Reiki Master and has received extensive training over the last 25+ years in different healing techniques and modalities.  She has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with minors in Business Administration and Economics. 


She also has 30+ years of experience in managing people, processes, and projects in Corporate America and 15 years of association leadership. Trish is a lifelong learner, cultivating expertise in concepts and tools she can use to grow personally, as well as empower and move her clients forward.  She loves to travel, adventure, challenging herself and others to push limits and the magic of gaining a new perspective. 


Trish combines her skills, experience, humor, and intuition to support her clients.  She helps people that feel beaten down, bottled up, and burned out to uncover their inner spark.  That “thing” that really lights her clients up and helps them embrace their greatness, becoming The Star of their Own Life. 


Trish has had a succession of life-defining moments over the years. Like many of us, she has not always had the tools she needed to respond or react to those changes in the healthiest manner.  After years of feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, squelching her emotions, and feeling stuck in her own life, 2015 hit Trish with a series of health issues and a life-changing diagnosis of cancer   This was the wake-up call that Trish needed to re-evaluate her life and begin a journey of transformation.  This is the adventure of her life. 


To learn more about Trish, her coaching, healing, and/or workshops, please visit TrishMarch.com

Trish 2.jpg

From framing art to re-framing lives, that has become my path.

Giving to others is wonderful, being the support person and cheerleader is awesome.  So let’s deal with the nagging question few feel allowed to voice, “When is it my turn to go for what I want?”

Much of my work is coaching people on their inner journey to release who they really are, identify what really brings them joy, and how to connect others along the way.  We are taught, “It’s better to give than to receive,” and yet if your pitcher is empty you cannot fill the glass for the person next to you.  Commercials incessantly try to tell you that true satisfaction comes from owning whatever they are selling.  Yet how many times have you bought the thing you fell in love with only to find that possessing it still left you feeling unsatisfied? 

I help you change the internal filters – those voices in your head – that determine how you feel about what you are doing, what you are thinking, what others say to you, what you imagine others think about you, and whether or not you’ll ever be “good enough.”  I help you re-frame your life so it suits you and then you can appreciate your innate value.


Fearless Family Life Coaching with Sylvia McIntosh

513 464-9032

 https://www.sylviamcintosh.com/ ​

Becky Plautz

Becky Plautz gets to highlight your personal & professional experience by connecting you With Purpose.


She is an International Empowerment Photographer. She is the Co-founder & CCO of the Virtual Co-working Space - On Purpose. With Purpose. Becky creates a powerful space for you to gain clarity on your intentional growth.


She is a public speaker focused on shifting your mindset & perspective for more opportunities to show up as who you! She is a video podcast host encouraging you to love yourself fearlessly knowing it's safe to be fully seen as who you are today.


Becky is also a wife of 10+ yrs & a mom to three kiddos that she could be found dancing around the kitchen with on any given day!


Your Connection Strategist - Becky Plautz


Heart and Sole Fitness & Wellness

Body Positive Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Speaker


After coming to a point in life where she was “sick and tired of being sick and tired,” Stephanie realized some things needed to change.  She took a hard look at the big picture and realized that nutrition and exercise alone were not the problems, but that there were bigger issues in the larger holistic picture.  Through small actions and goal setting, Stephanie has lost over 200 pounds through balanced nutrition and joyful movement, without the use of restrictive dieting, commercial weight loss plans, or products that encourage weight loss.  She has gained a love of endurance racing and is currently training for an Ironman triathlon.  Stephanie is the owner of Heart and Sole Fitness & Wellness, whereas a speaker, Body Positive Certified Personal Trainer, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist she uses this same holistic goal setting model from her own success in working with clients to help them break down the everyday barriers that exist in life to empower them to achieve their best individual wellness goals.


Contact Stephanie:







Jennifer Joy is a creative mentor who helps women be more productive, complete their projects, and get them out in the world. She spent decades of her life feeling creative shame and playing small until she had a quantum awakening ... a moment where she was ignited with the knowledge that we are all on this earth to just be ourselves and express ourselves.

So instead of strictly focusing on goals and deadlines, she guides clients through a unique process that emphasizes self-love, personal accountability, and taking ownership of their own individual creative processes.

Jennifer Joy is a certified Master Coach, Mentor, and Trainer for the Fearless Living Institute and a Scientific Hand Analyst who studied life purpose consulting under Baeth Davis and Pamela Landers. She is a member of the Creativity Coaching Association and also holds a BA in Broadcast and Electronic Communication.

She is a vlogger, writer, dancer, podcaster, teacher and has mentored creatives for nearly 20 years. You can find Jennifer Joy physically living in Southeastern Wisconsin, in a modern home in the woods with her husband, daughter, and dog. Online you can find her at SparkYourBeing.com.


Check out Jennifer Joy in these locations:

Email- JJ@JJtheLifeCoach.com

Facebook- www.facebook.com/SparkYourBeing

YouTube Channel- www.youtube.com/user/JJtheLifeCoach

Twitter- twitter.com/JJtheLifeCoach

Website- www.sparkyourbeing.com/

Debbie Ternes, Master CFLC, Mentor CFLC

Master Certified Fearless Living Coach

Mentor Coach

Head Admissions Associate


Contact Info:

Phone:  707 477 8015


Email:  DebbieTernesCFLC@gmail.com




You deserve to achieve your goals and dreams, right? 

"Debbie knows all the right questions to ask to enable me to see things like I've never seen before and bring awareness to my daily living that allows me to live life fully. She helps me reach an even deeper understanding and then take action to break old patterns so I can work toward achieving my potential. I highly recommend Debbie as a coach for anyone with goals and dreams!" – Karen C., Author, Speaker & Trainer


You deserve outrageous success and freedom, right? 

“I attribute so so much of my happiness and recent abundance to our work together, and yes, I did the work, but it was marvelous having you there to guide me and provide a strong sounding board, accountability, and encouragement throughout. I would love to work with you again.”

Allisen, Interior Designer


You deserve more confidence, right?  You deserve the peace of mind, too!!

“Debbie has incredible clarity in our sessions. Her ability to keep me aligned with my intentions for my business creates a very productive experience.” – Haven O., Real Estate Agent, Former Direct Sales Senior Director


Give me a call and let’s get you started on the path to your best life.

I work with people like you all the time.   You’ve set goals, started projects, and have had some success and then you lose your momentum, lose your confidence, and start coasting only to find yourself defeated, distracted, and doubtful.  These same feelings can happen around our relationships, family, money, and work. 

I am an expert Accountability Coach, working together you will have immediate access to the skills and tools necessary to find success in achieving your goals.  You will leave your sessions with insights, new possibilities, and doable action steps to make your goals a reality and have the life you want. 

Let’s get started!  Call me today to set up your introductory session.


Christine Flynn is a Certified Fearless Living Coach and Advanced Certified Fearless Trainer who supports her clients and students with self-compassion as the catalyst for more ease in creating lasting change.  This feeds the process of empowering themselves to release anxiety and worry, experience more peace of mind, and ultimately joy and happiness in their lives as they embrace the world around them each and every day.  Reach out to Christine if you are curious about what's possible for you at Christine@SageHeartCoaching.com or 508.330.3748.

Stephanie Lueras.jpg
Stephanie Lueras

Beth Dewey is a Certified Transformational Life & Business Mindset Coach & Meditation Teacher who loves helping others cultivate more positivity, passion, and purpose in their lives, so they can thrive at living.  Go to www.BconsciousU.com to learn more about her coaching journey.  She is an expert in showing others how to connect with their true power, of themselves and supports them in actualizing their dreams.

Five Finger Mantra Exercise (anchoring tool)

examples: “I AM Peace-Full” or “Peace is in Me”


Touch 1st index finger to thumb and breathe in a word slowly and exhale slowly.

Next, touch a middle finger to thumb and breathe in a word slowly and exhale slowly.

 Next, touch ringer finger to thumb and breathe in a word slowly and exhale slowly.

 Next, touch a pinky finger to thumb and breathe in a word slowly and exhale slowly.


Dynamic, Inspiring, Challenging

Tyra Jarvis lights up the room with her inspiring, motivational talks on life, business, and how golf can directly impact your success. Known as “The Game Changer Coach,” Tyra guides audiences on a journey of self-discovery and self-expression to rekindle their passion for their life and career.

Tyra Jarvis is a life reinvention mentor, leadership coach, and avid golfer. As founder and president of Kefi Coaching LLC, she works with individuals and leaders facing career and life transitions. Whatever their challenge, Tyra helps her clients get inspired and empowered, unstuck and moving forward, making better decisions so they can live life with more freedom, fulfillment, and ease every day.

She specializes in reinvention and transformation, by listening for possibility and being a stand for you living an extraordinary life. She is also a co-author of “Teeing Up for Success,” a compilation of insightful and inspirational stories from extraordinary women on how they have used golf to achieve their goals.

Her client list includes ATT, Oracle, SAFE Credit Union, PayPal, Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau, City of Sacramento, Kura MD, PGA of America, Anita Borg Institute for Women in Technology, Praxis Associates, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Sacramento Steps Forward, Seven-Up Bottling Company of SF, Unleashing Leaders, University of California, Davis and several leaders and individuals from a variety of industries. She is currently on the faculty of the Impact Foundry, Sacramento.


Website: https://tyrajarvis.com/


Free eBook:

I offer a free Life Transformation Guide & Journal: https://tyrajarvis.com/free/


Free Transformation Coaching Session:

I offer a free transformation coaching session; sign up at my website: https://tyrajarvis.com/free-session/


Facebook Page: Kefi Coaching with Tyra Jarvis



Public Facebook Group: Extraordinary Life for Women with Tyra Jarvis


Susan Shloss Money Coach070517045 Facing

Susan Shloss, Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, works with individuals, couples, and groups, facilitating breakthroughs in their relationship with money. Her more than 20 years in the financial services industry include working as an investment specialist and operations manager at Schwab and running a thriving bookkeeping business. Susan has also delved into the world of healing through her studies in energy work, massage, and yoga, and as a lifelong meditation practitioner. 


Susan is passionate about supporting transformation in her clients’ lives by bringing the spiritual into the material so that they can truly thrive. She brings keen insight, intelligence, and the utmost compassion to her Money Wisdom Coaching.


Website: https://moneywisdomcoach.com/

Money Type Quiz: https://moneywisdomcoach.com/take-money-type-quiz/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/moneywisdomcoach/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/susan-shloss-moneywisdomcoach/

Dale Paula Teplitz

Three Simple Steps to Achieve Success NOW!

Dale Paula Teplitz, M.A., Certified EFT Expert and Trainer


Do you get excited about achieving the life of your dreams, but then seem to sabotage your success without even knowing why? Have you gotten glimpses of the ‘yes but’ excuses that hold you back, (‘yes but I’m not attractive enough, smart enough, educated enough, bla-bla-bla…..’), but have no idea how to release them?


Join us as Dale Paula Teplitz guides you through releasing beliefs and emotional roadblocks that stand between you and achieving success in all areas of your life!


You may have heard of EFT Tapping for release of negative emotions like fear, anger, shame, etc... It is one of the most successful psychology self-help techniques ever developed and is now backed by over 100 research studies! But, did you know that you can use EFT to instantly relieve blocks to creating the life you deserve?

In this valuable program, Dale will show you how to use this 3 step formula for success:

  1. Clarify what you really want to achieve.

  2. Listen for the ‘yes but’ messages that are holding you back.

  3. Apply EFT Tapping to erase those messages to create your unobstructed path to success.


After EFT helped her release a lengthy, disabling health challenge, Dale became passionate about teaching others to use EFT Tapping in the most effective ways possible. As an EFT instructor for over 17 years, she has helped thousands of laypersons and health care professionals integrate EFT into their daily lives.


EFT Training Workshops:

If you are excited about EFT and serious about using it in the most effective ways for yourself or your clients, there is no better way to learn than in a live workshop! You will learn all the most important techniques, view demonstrations, and experience loads of hands-on practice.

For upcoming EFT Tapping Training information and registration including attendee video’s, visit: www.EFTtappingExpert.com/workshops

Profile Picture_Pradnya Leitner.jpeg

 As a Mindset Coach for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs & Individuals, I work with clients to help them achieve truly transformational goals and life-changing results.


I help them set a meaningful goal that they previously thought unattainable, then step-by-step, using a proven methodology that is based on 60 years of research in the field of mind, human behavior, and human potential, I help them transform their thinking, mindset, beliefs, behaviors, and habits, and thereby, their results.


As a result of this shift in their state of mind, my clients accelerate to the next level, in life, and in business, with ease, certainty, and confidence. Often, my clients astonish themselves with what they are able to accomplish in less time and with much less effort than they'd previously believed possible.


I truly believe that once we work on both mindset and action plan, our effectiveness exceeds our expectations.


Simply put, my mission in life is to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs & individuals become aware of who they really are and how they can use their thinking, their mind, and their consciousness in creating a life of meaning, contribution, and significance.

Mobile: (414) 248-7789

Email: pradnya@pradnyaleitner.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pradnyaleitner/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pradnya.leitner/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PradnyaLeitner-TurnYourThinkingIntoResults

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Stephanie Schoolmesster

Stephanie is a passionate educator of 30 years on a mission to help women reclaim their POWER, PURPOSE, and UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES. She helps heart-centered entrepreneurs bring MORE HEART and SOUL back into their life and business to create a positive IMPACT and CONNECTION  they are craving. She teaches them how to tap into their deepest desire to create a life aligned with their authentic self. 


She is a certified teacher, Somato Respiratory Integration Facilitator, motivational speaker, BARS Access Facilitator and Trainer, and Reiki Practitioner. She is on a mission to help women RISE and FULLY be alive. She teaches life-changing transformational tools within sisterhood circles that connect women to their confidence, power, purpose, and unlimited possibilities. Finally, Stephanie leads a High Vibe Sisterhood Tribe where sisters uplift and support each other to be the best versions of themselves.


Stephanie also is a social and emotional specialist and has trained other specialists and teachers in a large school district in Colorado. She was nominated as one of Denver’s 7 Everyday Heroes. 


Stephanie has experienced firsthand the POWER of the transformational tools she teaches through in her own healing/spiritual journey using this self-empowerment bodywork and healing modalities that have taken her from barely surviving to thriving.


Stephanie LOVES to help women shine and FULLY be alive while doing what LIGHTS THEM UP! 


Contact information: 



Join our High Vibe Sisterhood Tribe: https://www.facebook.com/groups/381102939018256


Follow Stephanie on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/stephanie.hersheyschoolmeester


Haley Freeman

Haley Hatch Freeman is the author of A Future for Tomorrow which tells her remarkable true story of enduring and overcoming anorexia and detailed miracles along the way which including a unique near-death experience.

Because of her incredible story, she has been interviewed on radio shows both in the US and Canada.  She’s been on TV including appearances on the Good Things Utah show. Her story has been featured in newspapers, national publications, and her book is available worldwide. Entire retreat programs have been developed because of Haley’s book and she mentors women all over the world.

Haley not only studied Eating Behaviors in college but since she defeated anorexia she provides valuable insight on both professional and personal levels. She has been professionally trained in public speaking and was a member of the Mountain West National Speaking Association.  She is a keynote speaker presenting at women’s conferences, schools, church groups, and more.

            Haley founded the company Haley’s Heart to Heart in 2012. Haley’s Heart to Heart is a resource of truth for women and children about eating disorders, media messages, and social pressures.  Haley’s Heart to Heart encourages others to create a healthy relationship with food, develop self-acceptance, and internalizing their divine-worth.

After seeing a great need for children in these areas Haley wrote her next book From Head to Tummy: The Simple Truth about Food, Media Messages, Self-worth, and True Beauty.

 In November of 2014, Haley was selected from hundreds to receive the Zion’s Smart Women’s Grant, awarded only to women making a difference in the life of others.

Haley delights in raising her three children in Utah with her eternal companion, best friend, and true soul mate: Brandon.


(Haley’s recent TV appearance on Good Things Utah talking about From Head to Tummy and giving parenting tips about how to deal with body image with our kids.

http://www.good4utah.com/gtu/story/d/story/talking-to-your-kids-about-body-image/18421/xLiJLHN0wk-w6lIQQghtuQ )


To schedule her for your event contact her at haleyshearttoheart@gmail.com


          Website: www.haleyhfreeman.com


Haley has written two books as well:

St Louis

LIVE-LOVE-WORK ON PURPOSE: Be inspired to live your light and best life no matter what! With Yvonne, we learn how to feel safe and secure, and open up to more possibilities to enjoy more happiness and prosperity! Leaning into the intelligence of your mind, heart and soul empowers you to boost your connectedness to be gracefully inspired with thoughts and actions that lead you to take that next best step, move forward with your life, and live an inspired and authentic life! You can have more connection, trust, safety, comfort, and freedom to be in alignment and embrace your gift, purpose, and prosperity. Yvonne teaches people how to own their value and gift to the world returns to them their worth through quality connections (significant relationship and family, friends, clients), money, and amazing experiences… You deserve our dreams You will discover how to connect your self-value and worth to feel more confident by investing your attention where it counts so you can take full ownership of your life’s soulful destiny. Reclaim the power from your life and money imprint including your worthiness and in return, receive what you want, exactly the way you want to live it, and so much more!


Worthiness, Purpose, and Prosperity Coach and Trainer, Yvonne found herself at a crossroads in 2003, feeling called to fully live her humanness while still working in project management and business analysis. This drew her in a direction that would honor her highly sensitive nature and big-picture thinking and led her on a healing journey. The results? She offers a unique blend of compassion, intuition, and vision, based on a solid understanding that personal growth is the foundation of life success, entrepreneurial growth, financial and business success, with soulful satisfaction. THE REAL STUFF ABOUT YVONNE: Because Yvonne was born highly sensitive, had the challenges and blessings of having been raised with deaf parents she learned to tune into energy, really laser in, and work in a way that helps clients to stay open when something causes confusion, lack of confidence, fear or doubt, not feeling at your place doing work that does not fulfill you at a deeper level, feel like you don’t have value, or don’t feel worthy, feel a disconnect with money and don’t feel valued. Essentially Yvonne helps you get results faster. She’s been through all of that too. International Holistic Life Coach (Mind-Body-Spirit) - Being On Purpose Certified Money Breakthrough Coach – Improving Your Relationship With Money Business Coach – Belief In Yourself And Your Business Project Management and Business Analysis Consultant – Aligning your vision with your priorities, strategy, goal, and action to have the results you want Certified Happiness Life Coach - You Deserve To Be Happy Connection Mastery – Empowering your personal connection to live with fulfillment Psychotherapy and education (8 years) – Having the right HeartSet & MindSet Professional highlight: followed by OWN Oprah Winfrey Network on Twitter Current offer: Free Masterclass CONNECT WITH PURPOSE TO CREATE YOUR INCOME


TESTIMONIALS Within only a few coaching sessions with Yvonne, I discovered I was holding many beliefs I adopted as a child…Those beliefs certainly didn’t serve me as an adult and were detrimental to my success and happiness. Through her step-by-step process and trained expertise, Yvonne enabled me to appreciate who I am (the real me)… Thanks, Yvonne! Because of your coaching, I am regaining my self-confidence and discovering again who I am, what I stand for, and what I want in life. I feel free again! Money definitely well spent! Linda C. Yvonne is a calm woman filled with goodness and softness. She makes the necessary links with what we seldom face in our life and she does this with detachment. Our sessions have helped me to center myself in a better way, to continue on my path, and be in agreement with my life choices. Valerie Vennes, Social Worker

Free gift to you! Check it out!


Yvonne's Facebook page


I've been a Registered nurse for the past 17 years (Oncology Certified), but on a personal improvement journey much longer than that... I had this underlying feeling that something was "wrong" with me but just couldn't put my hands on it.... As I built my toolbox to heal MYSELF (Holistic Nursing, Chinese Medicine and nutrition, Massage Therapy, Reiki), I knew they all worked on various levels, but "something" was missing... The "how" to of all the self-help books.

When I discovered Fearless Living- with Rhonda Britten in 2006 I knew I found "it", the answer... It all made sense! So with a passion for helping my patients on a deeper level, I became a Certified Fearless Living Life Coach and Reiki Master in the same year (2011) and have been expanding my practice to include teaching workshops with the Fearless Living materials. I became a Certified Fearless Trainer in 2015 and I'm adding dates for workshops as we speak.

My practice ties all of my specialties together to reflect the journey to perfect health is aligning the body-mind and spirit...For Kids ages 5-99... You're never too young or old to develop more confidence, self-love, deeper, and more fearless connections with yourself and others! Being the most authentic version of yourself by learning to master and befriend FEAR!

I have a passion for helping people realize their worth in this world and would love to help you discover what's stopping YOU from having the life of your dreams!!


My website is under construction at the moment but to contact me at MaguireRN@gmail.com,

Twitter: @Path2Youphoria 


Daniel Fung is a Solopreneur, Business Coach, and Life Coach. More importantly, he is known as the Dream Maker. Daniel realized that he was living in other people’s dreams and in 2015, his ex-boss was the catalyst to get him to venture out and start living his dreams.  Daniel is now self-employed running his company, “What Are You A Fear Of?”  If you noticed a grammatical error in his company name, congratulations, it’s done on purpose. 
Daniel discovered the Fearless Living Institute - Rhonda Britten in 2013 when the owner of a meetup group asked him to be the master accountability partner. She told him to do some fearless living. He had no idea what that meant and “googled it”. That’s when Rhonda Britten’s material showed up. He read everything on the first pages of the search and found his calling. 
Daniel’s purpose in life is to help 1,000,000 individuals over the age of 30 to start living their dreams. Originally his goals were set at 10,000 people, but seeing his success as a coach he put it in turbo and changed the target to 1,000,000. Daniel is a big believer in, “If your Dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.” By thinking way outside of his comfort zone, he is able to do things that were once not possible for him. Daniel is an inspiration to many of his clients and has helped transform some of them with just one coaching session. 
Daniel is living his dream and so can you.
You can find Daniel at these locations:
Email: whatareyouafearof@gmail.com
Website: http://www.whatareyouafearof.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whatareyouafearof
Twitter: https://twitter.com/whatareuafearof
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whatareyouafearof/
LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/whatareyouafearof
Blog: http://askdanielfung.com/

Fear can get to us all. 

Circumstances trigger thoughts, thoughts cause feelings, feelings cause action, and actions cause results.  

As your Life Coach, I can support you with figuring all of this out, see how fear is running your life, and then take action to shift it.

With over 20 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, I also support people who are going through a difficult time in their life, recovery from or coping with a health challenge, such as Cancer, Alzheimer's, MS.  The medical world can be at times a scary place, full of unknowns and tons of fear.  Often healthcare workers may not have the time to spend with you, their resources could be stretched to the limit or not available at all.  

I also work with those who are caring for a loved one.  They too need support when feeling overwhelmed, emotionally exhausted, guilty, and scared.

I am there to support them through all of this.


I work with people all over the world and I am grateful to be there, with them, with all that I have to offer.


Debbie Vaillancourt RN CCN CFLC III

Certified Life Coach



To get ahold of the wonderful Katrina Thompson, use these sources: cell 978-618-7864 & Trinabuggg@aol.com

Elaine Glass

Elaine is our first non-Fearless Living coach. She is amazing with her ability to listen and support you to "Get Quiet" and hear your inner voice. She is located in Scottsdale AZ. If you are in that area, we encourage you to take advantage of her life events. Her Facebook page link is below as well as her opt-in page to get weekly messages from her. I signed up!