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Staying Fearless Members

We are thrilled to announce the new membership opportunity that will allow us to stay connected with you even when you are not enrolled in a class.

This membership offers you the chance to receive laser coaching, integrate Fearless Living tools, and access new tools to support you on your journey toward fearlessness.

It's the perfect way to stay connected with Fearless Generations and to continue to stay fearless on your path, even when you're not currently in a class with us. We can't wait to have you join us!

Only $47 a month

Or for the advanced membership which includes membership in the On Purpose With Purpose community. This is a virtual workspace, an accountability community that is where you always have someone. We love this community, we are leaders within it, and so we have decided to offer this to our members who want even more.

Only $117 a month


What do you get with membership?

With Membership to Staying Fearless, you receive:

  • 2 group sessions on Zoom a month - Every 1st Saturday at 9 am PT and Every 3rd Wednesday at 3:30 pm PT

  • Access to 2 Advanced Fearless Living Coaches and their mastery of Fearless Living tools and strategies

  • Integration of tools received

  • The teaching of new tools or other ways to use current tools you possess

  • A 10% discount on all Fearless Generations workshops and the 6-week class, Bridging Fear to Freedom

  • And as always ongoing guidance and support for your journey toward freedom.

* You must register for each class you will attend, so Terry and Kelly know you are coming. Use the link above for this.

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