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Step 5 Accountable - Week 3

Monday with Terry

Present Moment:

One component of being accountable is telling ourselves the truth. In Fearless Living, we have three foundational principles developed by our founder and CEO, Rhonda Britten. Compassion, Honesty, and Personal Responsibility. Honesty is the best policy, right? We can be brutally honest with ourselves and beat ourselves up over real and perceived fault ourselves. . Honesty can always be layered with compassion. If we are not loving to ourselves we may not take responsibility or be accountable and just give up, make excuses, and stay stuck where we are. Compassion is integral to having personal responsibility and being honest.


Wednesday with Kelly

Present Moment:

How do you know you value something?

Are the things that you value and where you spend your time the same. When we give time to the things we value, we are staying accountable to ourselves and we are in alignment. Is there something that is important to you that you have stopped giving time to? Allow yourself to go and invest time again. Your dreams are important and everyone’s needs equal each other’s.


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