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Step 5 Accountable - Week 1


Accountable, our fifth step towards Freedom. To be accountable is first and foremost being accountable to ourselves. Being accountable to our dreams, goals, needs, and to our truth. I like to think about being accountable first to my thoughts, then words and actions. Everything I do starts with a thought and I want my thoughts to be in alignment with who I am, who I truly am. If I want to be kind my thoughts toward myself and others can be kind. Then what can follow is kind words to myself and others and then kind actions. If I am thinking that I am not worthy of love then how can I show myself love or love to others? It all starts with ME. I can be accountable for my thoughts, words a and actions. With this awareness, I can choose to think, speak and act in alignment with my values, who I really am.


What does accountable mean to you?

Accountable can sometimes come off as a job or a bad word. Think of it as being accountable to yourself. Do you keep the commitments that you make to yourself? Do you keep working on your goals? Do you give yourself deadlines and then keep them? Being accountable to yourself is the most important.


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