Is the uncertainty of this time starting to get to you?

Do you find yourself putting your life on hold or not wanting to make commitments?


Terry and Kelly are masters at moving you past this by teaching you Fear busting tools and walking you through the process to move forward. They share the principles of Fearless Living to get you planning beyond tomorrow.

They speak on:


Mastering your fears at any age.

At any age, we can shift our mindset around what is possible. We will teach you a process to take back your power to create.


Learning how to shift your language.

We don't always have the most empowering language. We can discourage ourselves before we even try, just by how we say it. We'll teach you easy shifts you can make to get you moving.


Why do you celebrate you.

Acknowledging your accomplishments is huge when you are building confidence. We teach you how to make the most of them

Not only have Terry and Kelly transformed their own lives, but they have also transformed their relationship. They have gone from at odds to partners in business. They truly respect each other and see the value that each one of them possesses.


Terry also speaks on Leadership.

She has supported several businesses and government organizations to support their team's work stronger and their leaders better.

Kelly also speaks on Visibility and Confidence.

She has spoken to many groups with supporting them to find their way to achieving their goals and dreams for themselves. She supports you with gaining the confidence to take risks and step out of your comfort zone.

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Terry and Kelly support you with mastering your fear! They bridge you from where you are to where you want to be.


Terry A Sayre, an Advanced Certified Fearless Living Coach and Advanced Certified Fearless Trainer, alongside her partner and daughter Kelly Fox, an Advanced Certified Fearless Living Coach and Certified Fearless Trainer, bring you from where you are to where you want to be.


They support you to master your fear through the skills and tools of Fearless Living, created by Rhonda Britten. They teach these skills in workshops and on their weekly podcast, where they share the 12 Steps to Freedom.


Terry, a retired elementary school teacher of 30 plus years, city council member, and mother to 5, grandmother to 21, and great-grandmother to 4 has a lot of life experience to pull from as well as knowledge to share.


Kelly has been a coach for 13 plus years and is kept busy with her 6 children. These women are of different generations and their goal is to get you fearless regardless of your age.


They know that as you implement the tools that they teach you, you’ll be able to have more confidence, be less frustrated, and take action on the things you have been procrastinating.


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