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Step 1 Awareness: We first have to see that a change is needed.

Awareness is the first step because you have to be aware to know that there is something to change. If you are going through life with your head down and your blinders on, you won't know that you have the power to choose differently.

With awareness, you begin to see all the places you are stuck and unclear. Unclear on what you want or where you want to go. Maybe, who you are with, or where you work. When you look up and start to see that you now have the power to choose something else. It will be totally up to you. You will be writing your story. That can be a double-edged sword. You have the power to change and it is up to you to do the work.


The tool we want to share with you this month is the 4 A's, which is a way to Honor your Humanity.

Acknowledge your feelings.

Look at and examine your feelings. Don't deny them or judge them. We all have feelings and they are not good or bad. Acknowledge the feeling that you are mad, sad, or joyful.

Allow time to process.

Let your feelings run their course. Attaching a story or judgment to your feelings is how they get stuck and fester. Give yourself permission to feel. Shoving them down, denying, or dismissing them will not support you in the long run.

Ask, "What am I committed to?"

Just because you are feeling a certain way does not mean you need to take action. Stop and think, "where do you want to go?", "how do you want to show up?", or "what do you want to say?".

Act on your commitments.

Once you know and have your commitments in focus, you can take action. Then your actions are based on what you are wanting and how you want to move forward. You can know that you are in power and not reacting to someone else's choices or the situation in front of you. You are creating your path and walking it step by step to Freedom.


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