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Step 4 Compassion - Week 1

Monday with Terry


“There is no greater asset to the human race than compassion”. Rhonda Britten

Compassion for ourselves and others is a mindset that can change our planet. In this time of uncertainty, I am certain that kindness, love, and compassion are the answers to fear, conflict, and con and contention. When faced with a choice on how to react or what to say or how to treat a friend, family member or stranger ask yourself how can I access compassion before I act? This practice can bring unity and love to the human race.


Wednesday with Kelly


Compassion is the focus this month and when you think of this do you automatically think of how you show it to others? This could be your challenge, you may show compassion to others freely, yet when it comes to yourself you do not. Look today at how you are treating yourself. How do you talk, think, treat yourself? Do you allow yourself fun, enjoyment, and rest? What does your self-care look like? Become more aware of your level of compassion for YOU.


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