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Step 2 Willingness: Now that you are aware, it's time to take action.

Willingness is Step 2 because now is the time to act. Willingness is an action; the amount of action is determined by the amount of willingness. Look at it on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being that you don't want to take action at all and 10 being that you are so excited you are going to start this second. Look inside and ask yourself, "How willing am I to do _______?". If you are less than a 5, you won't do it. If you are a 6, your odds are still not great. If you are a 7 or above, there is a good chance that you will step out and take a risk. You'll do something different and shift your actions of the past. Actions can be thoughts, feelings, and starting tasks. They are not limited to completing something. Anything you do that is new counts as forward movement. If you are willing to consider something that you weren't before, that is a huge shift.

So ask yourself right now, how willing are you? If you have a low number, yet you really want to do this action, we have your back. Start thinking about what you could do to raise your willingness even 1 step up the scale. Brainstorm with a friend on ways you can take smaller steps that can work you up to bigger ones. You can also reach out to us; we are your coaches and we want to support you! When you have raised your willingness higher, you will do it.


Here is a tool that will help you in this process.

The tool we want to share with you this month is Stretch, Risk, or Die!

You might be asking yourself, What is this? We are going to explain it to you. This tool is made up of 4 different zones. We will explain them below. There is also a diagram below to support you as well. This tool will help you to see why some tasks are harder to do than others and how you can move past those blocks to start moving again towards your desires.

Comfort Zone: This zone includes all that you are currently doing. Regardless if you like what you are doing it, it is a part of your comfort zone.

Stretch Zone: This zone is those things that you have done before, yet you are not currently doing. It can also be known as the beat-up zone because you know you can but you are not.

Risk Zone: This zone is the actions you have not yet taken. You don't know how or you may have to ask for help to do it. This action will take more of an effort to get it done and possibly with results you are not wanting.

Die Zone: This zone consists of the things that you would say, "If I had to do _____ I would die.". These are things so far out of your comfort zone you don't even know how to begin with them.

To start, make a list of all the things you need to do. Then take that list and map it out on the diagram. Ask yourself what is this task for you, a stretch, as risk, or a die? Then you can clearly see where to start and why you have been avoiding certain things. If you would like more help with this tool, please contact us and we can go over it more with you one on one.

*All information is taken from the Pathway of Change Workshop

created by Rhonda Britten and her best selling book Fearless Living.


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