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Join us for a 5-week course! We will cover the 4 foundational tools of Fearless Living and introduce you to Rhonda Britten’s strategies of living a life with less fear. Terry A Sayre is an Advance Certified Fearless Living Coach and Korina Elliot is a Certified Fearless Living Coach, they together will guide you down the path towards fearlessness! Buy your book and join them today.

Fearless Living Book Group


Starting June 7th

5 Tuesday Sessions

6/7 First session:
Chapter 1
What is Fear?
6/14 Second session:
Chapter 6
No Expectations
6/21 Third Session:
Chapter 7
No Excuses
6/28 Fourth Session:
Chapter 8
No Complaining
7/5 Fifth Session:
Chapter 9
No Beating Yourself Up
Fearless Book Group
7:00 PM pst


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Fearless Loving Book Group
Starts: Sunday, June 3rd, 2018 @5pm PST
The group will meet together every Sunday for 9 weeks.
(skipping Father's Day and July 8)
the last meeting will be August 12.


It's time to talk about Love! Not just relationships with others, but also the one with ourselves.


  • Would you like to feel heard?

  • Would you like to be able to start conversations rather than be told to stop prying?

  • Are you ready to find a new partner without getting a new version of the one that just left?

Join Make Your Life Your Own Fearless Book Group and use this time to learn how to get out of your own way with

like-minded people from across the country as we seek to learn and grow together.


*No time spent traveling

*No need to find parking

*No need to dress up – put on your PJ’s if you want!


Improve your relationships and build new ones while becoming your own best friend.

Get the tools and the support of like-minded people from the comfort of home.


Join Make Your Life Your Own - a Fearless Living Book Group

reading Fearless Loving by Rhonda Britten

When:  Sunday evenings 5:00-6:00 p.m. Pacific / 8:00-9:00 p.m. Eastern

            June 3 - August 12, 2018 (skipping Father's Day & July 8)

Where:  conference call – details will be in your confirmation email

Registration:  $10 per session ( 9 sessions)

What you will need:  you will need a copy of

Fearless Loving:  8 Simple Truths that will Change the Way You Date, Mate, and Relate

by Rhonda Britten in time to read the Preface before our first call.


Make Your Life Your Own will be co-hosted by:


Kelly Sayre Fox, CFLC, CFT

and Sylvia McIntosh, CFLC, CFT

Sylvia has been involved with the Fearless Living Program since late 2015 and won the Growth with Integrity Award in 2016.  She really knows how to walk the talk and can guide you in doing the same.  Her 3 kids are grown and on their own, she’s a widow and been thru a divorce, so she has the experience to help you thru life’s major changes both expected and unexpected.  (Certified Fearless Living Coach, Certified Fearless Trainer thru the Fearless Living Institute, Sherman Oakes, CA.)





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