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Relationship Building

Join us in the sunlit great room, where warmth and possibility collide for moments of growth and transformation. Engage in empowering instruction, forge connections, and discover the fearless spirit within you. As the sun sets, gather around the table for lively exercises, and family-style eating. This is more than a retreat; it's a shared journey, where every moment propels you toward a more fearless you.

Retreat Amenities

Retreat Amenities...

During your downtime, bask in the luxury of relaxation at our retreat oasis. Lounge poolside or under the gazebo, letting the sun kiss your worries away. Immerse yourself in tranquility as you soak in the hot tub, finding bliss in the gentle hum of nature surrounding you.


For those seeking a playful escape, our enormous game room awaits entertainment for every taste. In the mornings, kickstart your day with poolside yoga, letting the serene surroundings enhance your practice. This retreat isn't just about transformation; it's a holistic experience of rejuvenation and joy.

The Food

The Food!!!

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Get ready to indulge in a culinary journey like no other, crafted by our expert chef. Dive into a delectable array of appetizers and finger foods on Thursday night at our welcome soirée, setting the tone for an unforgettable weekend. From Friday through Saturday, savor the excellence of three meals a day.


Conclude your transformative weekend on Sunday with a brunch that echoes the richness of your journey. Our commitment to exceptional dining ensures that every bite elevates your retreat experience. Get ready for a feast that not only nourishes your body but also becomes a highlight of your fearless adventure!

Indulge in a culinary experience curated just for you at the Pathway of Change Retreat, where our cook, Shea Gowin, is the mastermind behind every delightful and visually appealing meal. With a dedication to pleasing your taste buds and eyes alike, Shea's culinary artistry takes center stage, removing all the work and worry from your plate. Let her expertise elevate your retreat experience, allowing you to savor every moment of self-discovery and growth without the hassle. Your journey isn't just about transforming your mindset but also about treating your senses to a delectable adventure.

We are not stopping there

As a special gift, we're thrilled to offer you 12 months of our exclusive Staying Fearless membership! This membership extends our support beyond the retreat, providing you with two monthly mastermind sessions, empowering tools, and a vibrant community committed to fearlessness. It's our way of ensuring you have ongoing guidance and connection, both before and after the retreat, as you embrace your journey to fearless living.

It's Time to pick your Bed!
Contact me for payment plans if needed

Elevate your retreat experience with our exclusive private room, featuring a luxurious king-size bed. Step into a tranquil and indulgent room, where the spacious comfort of the king-size bed beckons you to unwind and recharge. This intimate retreat space is designed for those seeking relaxation and serenity. As you embark on your fearless journey, let the embrace of the king-size bed become a symbol of self-care woven into every moment of your retreat.

Experience the ultimate retreat luxury with our private room featuring a queen-size bed. Retreat to your oasis and comfort awaits. This intimate space allows you to recharge and reflect in solitude, ensuring a peaceful and rejuvenating experience. As you embark on your fearless journey, the queen-size bed becomes a sanctuary for restful nights.

All in $2800 - $2900

Step into a room designed for comfort and connection, featuring two inviting double beds and two cozy single beds. Whether you're seeking restful solitude or bonding with retreat companions, this space accommodates every preference. Imagine the warmth of connection as you create unforgettable memories with newfound friends.

All in $2700

Nestle into the warmth of our massive room, where cozy bunk beds await, creating the perfect ambiance for an unforgettable slumber party with your newfound sisters. As you share stories and the magic of the night, feel the sisterhood that transcends the ordinary. Your retreat experience isn't just about transformation; it's about creating cherished moments in the heart.

It's Time to Pick your Bed

The Agenda

Thursday -

Kick off your Pathway of Change Retreat with a memorable Opening Soirée on Thursday night! Join us for a delightful evening of charcuterie, drinks, and the opportunity to connect with fellow participants. Set the mood for the transformative journey ahead as you relax, mingle, and embark on a weekend filled with growth, connection, and fearless living. Cheers to new beginnings!

Friday -

Saturday -

Begin your mornings with rejuvenating poolside yoga! Immerse yourself in the serene surroundings as you stretch and center yourself, setting a positive tone for the day ahead. Join us by the pool for a harmonious start to your day, embracing both physical and mental well-being. Let the tranquil atmosphere and guided yoga practice elevate your retreat experience. Followed by breakfast around the table.

Immerse yourself in the transformative workshop, where personal growth and awareness take center stage. Engage in partner exercises and group discussions that pave the way for profound self-discovery. As you embark on the journey to learn the 12 Steps to Freedom, the dynamic workshop becomes a crucible for empowerment, fostering connections, and unlocking the path to fearless living. Join us as we explore, learn, and grow together!

Take a refreshing break for lunch, a moment to pause, reflect, and savor a delicious meal crafted by our talented weekend chef. Engage in lively discussions about the morning's activities, fostering connections and nourishing both body and soul. Fuel your afternoon with positivity and camaraderie as you prepare for the next chapter of growth and exploration.

After a day of transformative learning, enjoy your well-deserved downtime! Whether it's working on self-reflection exercises, connecting with fellow participants, or unwinding in the hot tub or activity/game facility, the choice is yours. Embrace the freedom to recharge, integrate your newfound insights, and indulge in activities that resonate with your unique journey. It's your time to relax, connect, and make the most of your retreat experience.

Sunday -

Conclude your experience with a wrap-up that begins with a morning centering exercise, setting the tone for reflection and inner balance.


Following this, join us for a heartwarming brunch, where participants share acknowledgments and gratitudes, creating a collective atmosphere of appreciation and connection. This final gathering is a meaningful way to close the weekend, fostering a sense of unity and leaving each participant with a profound sense of fulfillment and inspiration.

The Agenda

Are you wondering about transportation?

Ease into your fearless retreat experience with stress-free travel arrangements! We're thrilled to offer complimentary transportation from the Fresno Yosemite International Airport to the retreat location on Thursday. Our dedicated service ensures a seamless transition from arrival to the enchanting retreat setting. On Sunday, bask in the glow of your transformative journey as we provide hassle-free transportation back to the airport. Let us take care of the logistics, allowing you to focus on the magic of your retreat adventure from start to finish. Your journey begins the moment you touch down, and we're here to make it effortlessly memorable!

We will be at the Fresno Yosemite International Airport by 2 pm on Thursday the 5th and will return you to the Airport no later than 3 pm on Sunday the 8th.

Meet Terry and Kelly, your seasoned guides for the weekend at the Pathway of Change Retreat. Terry, with 15 years of coaching experience and decades of life wisdom, and Kelly, a seasoned coach for over 18 years, bring unparalleled expertise to your transformative journey. Immersed in the 12 Steps to Freedom for a decade, they've shared tools and captivating stories of transformation globally through their weekly podcast. Whether you're navigating personal challenges, seeking growth, or pursuing a fearless life, their combined wealth of experience ensures you have the support, tools, and skills to embark on your unique journey of transformation.

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