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Create Your Best Life

Vision Board Workshop
Pictures and words that are inspiring.

Is your next year clear?

Do you know what you want?

Do you know your next steps?

Do you have a vision of possibilities and Dreams?


At this event, you will have the time and materials to put together your vision for the next year. Your vision board will provide a place to focus your energy on your next step and Dreams!


What will be provided!

  • Time & space in a supportive environment to think and create…

  • All of your vision board materials…

  • Snacks and drinks.


Fearless Generations

is excited to bring you this vision board workshop created by Christine Kane. Please join us.


You and 5 of your friends/co-workers all come over and take the time together to support each other to get clear. Going forward with knowing what you want and putting a clear message out of what you want to come back.


When: We will find a date that works for all

Where: 842 Russell Ave. Tulare, Ca 93274



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