Create Your Best Life

Vision Board Workshop

Is your next year clear?

Do you know what you want?

Do you know your next steps?

Do you have a vision of possibilities and Dreams?


At this event, you will have the time and materials to put together your vision for the next year. Your vision board will provide a place to focus your energy on your next step and Dreams!


What will be provided!

  • Time & space in a supportive environment to think and create…

  • All of your vision board materials…

  • Snacks and drinks.


Fearless Generations

is excited to bring you this vision board workshop created by Christine Kane. Please join us.


You and 5 of your friends/co-workers all come over and take the time together to support each other to get clear. Going forward with knowing what you want and putting a clear message out of what you want to come back.


When: We will find a date that works for all

Where: 842 Russell Ave. Tulare, Ca 93274