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Our coach this month is Betsy Vargas. Betsy draws upon both her training, as well as her wide life experience as mother, wife, published author, dog rescuer and successful TV and film producer to help her clients see what is truly special about themselves.


Ilana Schwartz is an Empowerment Coach and passionate about helping mompreneurs have more fun, freedom and flexibility in their homes, businesses and lives.



Ellen Burgan  is especially passionate about helping women who spent their lives prioritizing others to now focus on themselves and take action to get the life of joy they deserve.


Christine Flynn helps you find the way your unique brain, life experiences and circumstances hold the key to your freedom to live the life you desire and deserve and help you unlock the door and follow the path!


Susan Shimamura supports you to gain awareness around what is keeping you stuck and shows you the way to real sucess and fulfilment in your life. So when you get to that place you are working towards, you actually love it.

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Christi Marshall is a fantastic Fearless Living coach and also runs a fashion business with her daughter (Clothed 31). By being accountable to her dreams she has fulfilled them and created new ones.

Presant Momemt

Trish March helps people that have been derailed by distractions get real, get focused, and get clear on what lights them up!


Sylvia McIntosh is a Family Life Coach. It's about learning how you talk to yourself and how that filters what you hear from everyone around you. Once you clear that up, you are available to be a better friend to yourself and to others.


Amy Mead specialize in helping working moms, who feel overwhelmed by their never ending to-do lists and SO tired of being the one who has to do it all at home and at work, to laugh more, worry less, and leave the mom-guilt behind for good!

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Lorraine Mccollum has no issue with showing her passion for life. She shares her energy and excitement while she coaches, and with her community.


Laurie Marie is an artist, photographer, stylist, graphic/brand designer, coach, psychic-medium, spiritual leader, creative mentor, speaker and healer.

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