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Who do you love?

What do you love?

What is love?

Fearless Loving

In this workshop, you will redefine what love means to you. You will examine how you love now, why you love that way, and how you may love differently going forward.


You will learn skills to help you love yourself!


You'll learn how to love fearlessly with anyone you choose to; your family, friends, co-workers,

partner or community.

Your understanding of love will change.

Terry A Sayre and Kelly Fox the dynamic coaching team
Terry and Kelly are passionate about this process because they have both gone through huge transformations with self-love. They know they can support you to have the same changes.
Rhonda Britten

"Self-care is more than a bubble bath"

Rhonda Britten

You'll learn:

How to love yourself more.

How to love others on your terms. 

How to be loving in all you do.

With Exercises like:

Love Beliefs
Forgiving Yourself
Who loved you when you were young?
The gift of Heartbreak

We encourage you to come with a loved one!

2 for 1

Where: 220 E. Tulare Ave.

Tulare Ca 93274

When: March 22-23, 2019

This is a 2-day workshop so please register by March 12th.



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