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Bridging Fear to Freedom
with Mothers and Daughters

Are you looking for something more? You may not know what it is, you just know that you want more than you currently have? Maybe you know what you want, yet you are unclear on how to get it?

Are you a mom who wants a better relationship with your daughter?

Or a daughter who wants a better relationship with your mom?

As a mother-daughter coaching team, 

Fearless Generations has a class for you.


Your relationship will transform.

* You'll start to have deep meaningful experiences

* You'll love being together and connecting more often

* You'll learn tools to communicate better with each other

* You'll get to know each other's fears better so you can support each other and yourself to live the lives you want to.

* You'll come away with awareness and self-confidence.

Not to mention the perfect support buddy.

These mother-daughter coaches have changed their lives, and their relationships, by learning how to master their fear.


You will gain massive awareness around who you are when you are in fear and you will know forward steps to take your relationship with yourself to the next level.

By improving your self-awareness you will be able to cultivate the relationship you want with each other. You will gain trust and respect for each other. You will be able to be authentic and vulnerable.

Quality Time with Mom
Quality Time with Mom


Fearless Generations has a 6-week study class for you that will get you clarity on what your next steps are to cultivate the relationship you want to have with each other.


This class will provide awareness and the skills you will need to take action. If you are ready, this class has the power to change your life and shift your trajectory.

Come join us, gain the mother/daughter bond that you are craving! It's never too late to become besties. 

We will cover the 4 No’s of Fearless Living

Each of these No's comes with an antidote of what to do instead of. These tools are life-changing when implemented. Your desired relationship lies right over on the other side of fear. It's time to cross over!

What is Fear?

No Expectations
No Complaining
No Excuses
No Beating Yourself Up

We will meet Saturdays at 7 am PT

  • This is a 1-hour class.

  • There will be quick 20 minute Q&A zooms for you to get clarity.

  • There will also be other ways for support such as a Voxer group and partner work during the week.

  • The class will include reading 5 chapters from Rhonda Britten's book Fearless Living. This can be purchased on Amazon Fearless Living Book

  • You will receive a comprehensive workbook that will have thought-provoking questions for each section.

  • There are questions and exercises in the chapters as well.

  • And most of all, you will receive ongoing guidance and support from Terry and Kelly, two highly trained Advanced Certified Fearless Living Coaches.

Class starts May 7th and goes on to June 11th.
This ticket is for mother and daughter.
If you need a payment plan please email me at 

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