Step #1

Are you not sure you are ready for the whole Change Your Life adventure? We have your back with a 3 step process to ease you in.

This 1-hour Sneak Peek Webinar will take you through the skill of Acknowledgments.

Step #2

This Sneak Peek 3-hour Mini-Workshop will continue to prepare you to Change Your Life. The skills taught are Intentions and the Power of our Words. We take you through the power that lies within us to create the life we want regardless of other's actions.

Step #3

Now you are ready for the bigger changes and you are ready to use your new skills to go out and Change Your Life.

Do you listen to your intuition? Do you feel like you are living the life that someone else designed or wanted for you? Do you feel like you are making your own choices or "life" is making them for you?


Do you feel like what you are doing is what you are meant to do with your life? Are you excited to get up every day and get to it? Are you confused and wondering what is next for you? Is there more or something new or different out there for you? Are you searching for more meaning in the day?


Do you want to continue like this?



You don't need to continue like this. Are you willing to forgive? Are you willing to trust? Are you willing to discover the life your soul is longing to live?


This workshop will teach you, guide you, and inspire you to do just that!


You will leave knowing that you can trust your heart, listen to your intuition, forgive yourself and whoever else for yourself, and be on a path toward your purpose and passion!


Do you want that?

Kelly, Rhonda Britten, Terry

" I loved the workshop. I'm at a point in my life where things need to change and this has given me hope."
Jane of Tulare Ca

Change Your Life!

This workshop is based on Rhonda's award-winning book
Change Your Life in 30 Days.
In this book, you are taken on a journey toward a changed life. We will discuss shifts and mindset and tools and strategies to get you moving forward!
For example:

Come join us and Change Your Life!

July 18th, 2020
9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Terry and Kelly are excited to present this workshop. You have heard us on the podcast 12 Steps to Freedom, and now you can learn from us directly. There will be in-depth information and interactive exercises. This workshop was personally designed

by Rhonda Britten the founder of Fearless Living.

You don't want to miss this opportunity!



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