Fearless Generations

These mother-daughter coaches have changed their lives and even their relationship by learning how to master their fear. With the tools of Fearless Living, like the 12 steps to Freedom, you will too.

Terry A. Sayre ACFLC, ACFT

Advance Certified Fearless Living Coach

Advanced Certified Fearless Trainer


Kelly Fox ACFLC, CFT

Advance Certified Fearless Living Coach

Certified Fearless Trainer

Please join the discussion with

Terry Sayre and Kelly Fox

Advance Certified Fearless Living Coaches and Certified Fearless Trainers 

on the

12 steps to Freedom

every Monday @ 9:00pm pst

30-minutes will bring you closer to the Fearless you!

The 12 Steps to Freedom were created by Rhonda Britten the Founder of the Fearless Living Institute. Rhonda is an Emmy Awarded (Starting Over) Life Coach and she designed the in-person workshop Pathway of Change to help others to find their footing on this sometimes challenging path of life. We are honored to share it with you.

We offer the in-person event at least once a year, make sure you check out the calendar.


Terry Sayre shares her point of view from where she is in life as a mother(5), grandmother(21), and great-grandmother(3), and getting closer to retirement.

Kelly Fox is giving her point of view as a mother of young children(6) and how she is getting her life going.

They will be discussing how Fear can affect us differently in life as we grow and gain life experience, how fear can hook the young and mature differently and quite similarly.

They discuss the "12 Steps to Freedom." Addressing 1 step a month. They break down each step into 4 (30 minutes) podcasts a month. They have on a guest coach and share a tool to support you to implement the step of the month as you move forward.

Come change your life in 30 minutes a week.

It's a breath of

fresh air.

I love the insights.

I'm always taking away something new.

Karyn Morton,

San Jose

I really enjoy the Fearless Generations Blog Talk Radio Show.  The open discussion really supports me in becoming more conscious in my choices by helping me learn to recognize a wider sphere of options.  I love how Kelly & Terry (& their guests) dissect a key component of personal growth each month by exploring different aspects of each component each week. It’s a good time and I always learn something new and useful.


Sylvia McIntosh, Certified Fearless Living Coach, Ohio

Fearless Generations is the real deal.  You won’t want to miss this mother-daughter team of Life Coaches Kelly Fox and Terry Sayre.  Each episode features one of the principles of Rhonda Britten’s Fearless Living.  You get to listen in on an authentic, focused and vulnerable conversation from both generations on how these principles have changed their lives. There is another bonus….each podcast has a surprise guest coach to add to the discussion. This is a podcast not to be missed.  Tune in and enjoy!   


 Debbie Vaillancourt RN, Life Coach.

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