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Homework: 12 Steps to Freedom-



Step 12: Love: Introduction

     Write a list of 100 things you can do to show love for yourself


Step 5: Accountable: Proactive behaviors


     1. List 10 proactive behaviors that you can use to support you with your goal/intention:


     2. Which behaviors are you already doing?


     3. How can you start to implement the behaviors that you aren't currently doing?


Step 4: Compassion: Intuition


     1. What step or tool have you integrated into your life to support

     you with your goal for the year?


Step 4: Compassion: Kindness


     1. How will having compassion for yourself help you move through change?


     2. What stops you from having compassion for others?



Step 4: Compassion: Introduction


     1. How do you define Compassion?


     2. How compassionate are you with your imperfections?


     3. How can you become more compassionate with yourself?



Step 3: Connection: Giving & Receiving


     1. Where do you want to start/expand your fearbuster team?

         Follow the fearbuster exercises on the following page and share your experience below.


Step 3: Connection: Love & Possibilities


     1. What are 3 ways you can shift from feeling disconnected to connected?

               * To yourself, work, others, passion, your goals, your dreams...


Step 2: Willingness: Process


     1. How willing are you to continue moving forward?


     2. On a scale of 1 to 10, (1 being not at all and 10 being very willing) to take the next steps towards your goal

          for the year together?


Step 1: Awareness: Responsibility


     1. What is the biggest fear standing in your way?


Step 1: Awareness: Preceptions vs Truth


     1. What are the costs of making this change?


     2. What are the benefits of making this change?


Step 1: Awareness: Introduction


     1.  List all the thing you want to change (jobs, finances, relationships, attitudes, beliefs, family, etc):


     2.  Pick the top three that you are seriously considering changing:


     3.  Pick the one you'd like to focus on this week, month, year:




Suggested resources:

     Fearless Living   Live without excuses and love without regret  By, Rhonda Britten

     Change your life in 30 Days  A journey to finding your true self  By, Rhonda Britten

     Remembering Wholeness By, Carol Tuttle

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