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You might ask, Kelly why do you do this fundraiser every year? or why do you earn money for the Task Force? I do this fundraiser in memory of my dad Dick Sayre. He committed suicide on December 18th, 1993. I want people to know that my dad was an amazing man. He was the most selfless man I have ever known, and he was in a pain I hope I never know. Most people don't understand depression unless they have it too. It's not talked about and suicide is even more taboo. Here at Break the Silence we want to take away the shame, the stigma, the lies, and falsehoods. We want you to know you can ask, you can talk, you can find support here. The Tulare County Suicide Prevention Task Force does this too. Their LOSS Team is there on-site with the family at the same time as the police and emergency services. They hold their hand answer the questions they can and cry with them if that's what they need. They are there for them after too. They also do educational and support preventive efforts as well. I would have benefited from an organization like this, yet it was not provided 27 years ago. I want to make sure it stays available for anyone going forward. Hopefully, the need for the LOSS team will diminish, until then I am grateful for these people who will be there for those that are in the dark, with a little light.