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Support, Education, Inspiration december 18th, 2020 500 to 8oo pm PT, on zoom Speakers on
_Break the silence auction (31).png
_Break the silence auction (31).png

Join us for our Speaker Event

on December 18th from 5 to 8 pm PT

There are 2 kinds of tickets available 

There is our Basic ticket which gets you into the event and able to fully participate.


Then we also have our VIP ticket which includes an event box that has items from the task force, speakers, and me. You get a recording of the event as well.

Our Silent Auction takes place in our Facebook Group. It starts at 7 am and ends at 10 pm PT

_Break the silence auction (27).png

Last year we had items like this...


You might ask me, Kelly why do you do this fundraiser every year? or why do you earn money for the Task Force? I do this fundraiser in memory of my dad Dick Sayre. He committed suicide on December 18th, 1993. I want people to know that my dad was an amazing man. He was the most selfless man I have ever known, and he was in a pain I hope I never know. Most people don't understand depression unless they have it too. It's not talked about and suicide is even more taboo. Here at Break the Silence we want to take away the shame, the stigma, the lies, and falsehoods. We want you to know you can ask, you can talk, you can find support here. The Tulare County Suicide Prevention Task Force does this too. Their LOSS Team is there on-site with the family at the same time as the police and emergency services. They hold their hand answer the questions they can and cry with them if that's what they need. They are there for them after too. They also do educational and support preventive efforts as well. I would have benefited from an organization like this, yet it was not provided 29 years ago. I want to make sure it stays available for anyone going forward. Hopefully, the need for the LOSS team will diminish, until then I am grateful for these people who will be there for those that are in the dark, with a little light. 

_Break the silence auction (31).png
_Break the silence auction (31).png
_Break the silence auction (27).png

Break the Silence Speaker Event

We are honored to bring you, excellent speakers. They support, educate, and inspire our mission of

suicide prevention.

On December 18th, 2022 on Zoom we will meet together as one, in an effort to create a safe space to share and know we are not alone.

Our speakers are donating their time and talents to us with the desire to create change. Change for you, your loved ones, and the world. They will stand as a light in the darkness to all who need them.

_Break the silence auction (31).png

Here is the lineup for this year's speaker event.

Click this link to register for this event. At this time you will be also giving a $25 donation to the Task Force. Thank you!

Or you can purchase a VIP ticket for a $50 donation. This will make you eligible to receive an event box, full of gifts from the task force, our speakers, and Break the Silence. There are only 20 of these tickets available so act fast. We will try our best to get you your box before the event. Thank you!!


We here at Break the Silence want you to know how important you are in spreading the word about our mission and fundraiser. Please share this with those you know it would benefit. Thank you again! We will break the silence together.

Join our group here

Copy of Support, Education, Inspiration december 18th, 2020 500 to 8oo pm PT, on zoom Spea

Jenn Eastwood is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), certified coach, a practitioner of Evolved NLP, Amazon best-selling author, entrepreneur, widow, and solo parent. Jenn is no stranger to the challenges professional women face as they try to juggle their personal and professional lives “perfectly”. She is also a trauma survivor having experienced betrayal of infidelity, divorce, abusive relationships, chronic pain, and losing her husband to suicide. As Jenn faced these life-altering events that took her life away from her “plan”, she found herself increasingly obsessed with understanding what inspired and motivated people to overcome and bounce back from both personal and professional challenges. After close to 30 years, Jenn left her safe career as a CPA and auditor to follow her passion for helping her clients heal and recover from life’s setbacks so that they don’t just bounce back, they bounce forward stronger, wiser, and authentic so that they can rebuild their lives in a way that feels aligned, meaningful and fulfilling.


Karen Robinson is an Author, Speaker, Trauma Recovery Expert, Mental Health Therapist, & Transformational Coach. She empowers survivors to heal and recover from childhood abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, toxic work environments, and all traumatic events. Karen has extensive experience working with military sexual assault survivors, combat veterans, and those with moral injuries. Karen has served as a case manager, advocate, mental health therapist, service chief, and department chief of emergency services, inpatient psychiatry, medical social work, and for a behavioral health liaison & consultation service. Her work ethic is strong, service-driven, and mission-oriented. Karen is a genuine, authentic, and compassionate provider.

Copy of Support, Education, Inspiration december 18th, 2020 500 to 8oo pm PT, on zoom Spea

Donovan invented the Solving Our Stress (SOS) system to know exactly what to do for every high school student that walked into his counseling office. Sometimes it was like a revolving door and lives are at stake so the system needed to be highly efficient and effective. The SOS system is like having x-ray vision with the invisible inner world of teens compared to the confusion without it and you'll be able to pick the ability to see what is going on in yourself and others through his presentation. Donovan spent 20 years as a school counselor and currently serves families as the Teen Takeoff Coach, helping families launch their kids out of the nest and into life.

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