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Are you ready to get Fearless?

We have designed a 3 step process for you to step into the fearless life you are wanting.

Step #1

We have an easy step into your journey of being Fearless.

This 1-hour Sneak Peek Webinar will teach you about silent contracts, a symptom of expectations. This will support the whole process of becoming aware and leaving that comfort zone behind.

All information is taken from the best selling book by Rhonda Britten, Fearless Living


(This webinar is free)

Step #2

This 3-hour Mini-Workshop will take you a bit deeper into Fearless Living. We teach about Fear Junkies and Fear Busters. This knowledge will continue to support your journey to mastering your fear. Your comfort zone will be expanded.

All information is taken from the best selling book by Rhonda Britten, Fearless Living

(There is a discount when you attend Step #1 first.)

step #3

Fearless Life Workshop

In this workshop, you learn the 4No's of Fearless Living. You learn what you want to no longer do but more importantly, you learn what to do instead. You learn daily practices and the tools you'll need to live a more Fearless Life.



The 4No's of Fearless Living are:

  • No Expectations

  • No Complaining

  • No Excuses

  • No Beating Yourself Up

Why come to this workshop

In this new world of shelter in place, we are taking our

workshops on to Zoom. We know that you are interested in

receiving tools/skills that you can use to better deal with your fear.

If you...

  • are feeling stuck...

  • are frustrated or disappointed...

  • are procrastinating a decision or project in front of you...

  • find yourself thinking that someone should know better...

  • find yourself being constantly let down...

This workshop is for you!


If you...

  • can't seem to see the good or positive...

  • feel alone and that life is conspiring to get you...

  • find it hard to trust others...

  • see the world is against you...

  • are a half-empty cup kind of person...

Then this workshop is for you!

If you...

  • never seem to have the time...

  • finding yourself telling white lies...

  • explaining your actions to others...

  • tell a story over and over again...

  • see yourself above the rules...

Then this workshop is for you!

If you...

  • can't seem to shift your negative self-talk...

  • make fun of yourself so others won't feel the need to...

  • find yourself only seeing one solution...

  • tell yourself you are not enough...

  • tell yourself you are not worthy...

are you ready to get fearless?

What to Expect


Group interaction

Group Exercises

Partner Exercises




And, A clear understanding of how to get unstuck,

become intentional with your choices, which will empower you more than ever before.

You will clearly see how to be gratitude focused and see the universe working hard for you and your good in all things. You will have the tools to be action orinated and start to get things done. You will start to see all of your accomplishments and become more confident in your choices going forward towards your goals.

How does this sound to you?

Would knowing these tools and having this kind of result be worth it to you?

Barbara Franklin.jpg

Barbara, Retired Nurse

Terry and Kelly are great. Fearless life was the first workshop of their's that I attended. Now I have come to quite a few. They keep me coming back for more.


Cameron, College Student

The fearless workshop introduced me to a more positive lifestyle. The tips and tricks that the coaches preach can really make an impact on your

outlook on life.


James, Business Owner

I have gotten a lot out of the workshops. I was at one with several members of my family and it really supported us to come together and

support each other.

This is your chance to get fearless and get supported all along the way!


Are you ready to get and use the tools of fear-busting?


are you ready to take your power back from fear and start maneuvering through your fear with confidence?


Are you ready to start trusting yourself more than ever before?


If yes?

Click the register link to see when our next workshop is happening.

9 am to 2 pm PT
(When you come to Step #1 or Step #2 you will get a discount to this workshop)
All information is taken from the best selling book
by Rhonda Britten, Fearless Living

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