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Fearless Generations is now bringing you Live events!

Presented by Terry A. Sayre ACFT and Kelly Fox CFT, Advanced and Certified Fearless Trainers

Shifting your thoughts, language, and choices

All of these workshops can be scheduled at your request, with 20 committed individuals, and a location. Fearless Generations will come to you anywhere!

Do you know we offer One Free Scholarship per workshop?

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Fearless Life

No Expectations

No Complaining

No Excuses

No Beating Yourself Up

These four tools alone will change your life!

Pathways to Change

You will be taken on a journey through the 12 principles of change that lead you on a pathway towards freedom.

Awareness, Willingness, Connection, Compassion, Accountable, Surrender, Present Moment, Possibilities, Intention, Trust, Passion, and Love.

As you use these steps you will find yourself on a path towards your dreams, and living a life you want.

Fearless Loving

Loving others is important, but fearless loving starts with loving yourself. Then we move on to all the relationships we have: romantic relations with our partner or how we love our children, on to siblings or co-workers.  This workshop will help us with how we are showing up in any encounter with anyone.   Rhonda has given us  8  truths in becoming better with love.

  •Love is up to you   •Everyone is innocent   •Feelings  lie    •Chemisty is between your ears   •Dating is where you practice being yourself   •"Yes" means nothing if you can't say "no"  •Loss is a fact of love     •Love is a risk you must take


Change your life

This is my favorite book of Rhonda Britten's. It is the best of her first 2 books Fearless Living and Fearless Loving. This fast-paced workshop will take you through the 30-day plan for changing how you see what is possible for you and your life. Subjects touched on are: Passion and Purpose, Is the world for me or against me, Discipline, and many more!



Courage Trek-

Fearless Body


This workshop is designed to help you to get over your body and move on with your life. No longer letting your fears hold you back from anything. Getting off the sidelines and into life through adventure and fun!

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