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Fearbuster Exercise


To help you begin to identify the members of your Fearbuster Team, do the following exercises:


*List your friends and immediate family members.


*What is your present relationship to them? Are you estranged? Close? Is yours an I-have-to-see-them obligatory relationship?


*In which area of life are they supportive? Career? Relationship? Leisure? Child rearing? Write the area next to their name. Some people may be supportive in all areas, but that's not often the case. Most will support you in one or tow areas. Your best friend, or even your spouse, is not in charge of guessing everything you need.


*Define friendship. What does it mean to you?


*What qualities of friendship do your family members and friends embody? Are they loving? Compassionate? Jokesters? Nonjudgmental?


*Do you embody those same qualities?


*What kind of friend are you? What qualities of friendship do you embody?


*How do you contribute to the people you call friends?


*In what areas of life can you be counted on for support?


*What are the challenging areas of friendship for you?


*What would you like to change about your relationships?





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